ST transparent insert bodyCairo will prove to be colourful but chaotic. If the cacophony burns you out, you will know it’s time to travel up to Upper Egypt where the Valley of the Kings lies. In other words, you have to step away from crazy Cairo to step into the realm of history and luxury – which is only found in Luxor. While you contemplate at the setting sun from the banks of the river Nile, you can look away at the majestically meditating vast Valley of the Kings turning from orange to pink. You can feel lost in thoughts and reflections of time and of yourself, all from the best spot in Luxor to absorb a whole range of history and charm. And that is possible only from the river-facing abundant terrace of the Sonesta St. George Hotel.

Welcoming entrance

Luxor airport

caption Such a royal entrance leaves an imprint on the door and on your mind The service and comfort here are as strong as the columns here caption The lights are always on even in the night time

caption How does it feel to see the flowing Nile from inside your room? It feels philosophic caption Knock knock! Room Service: More history and luxury of Luxor at the door for you !

caption Elegant carpets on the floor, freshly done beddings – all ready for some comfort sessions

caption A personal touch and small gestures go a long way caption You may not feel the whole world under your feet, but these slippers will certainly be

caption Use of marbles in toilet, wood in the bed and green curtains signal aristocracy

caption The Valley of the Kings are timeless, so is the supply of toiletries

Honestly we were a bit saturated with Cairo and badly needed some peaceful exploration of the ancient sites. The very arrival at Luxor deep at midnight was a pleasant welcome to the clean and green city. We made our way through the sleepy town to arrive at Sonesta St. George Hotel where we were laid out yet again an exclusive and warm reception. It seemed as if the best time to check in at a hotel is after mid-night. Not only it is quieter, but also it has the feeling of a privileged welcome. The only element at risk in exchange of availing this treatment may be your sleeping hours. The hotel was a comfortable 15 minute drive away from the Luxor airport and the taxi fare should not cost more than 50EGP.

Sonesta St. George Hotel welcomed us with a lavish display of chandeliers hanging in the lobby. Shiny clean marble floors and soothing colours in the lobby immediately transform the environment into a warm and welcoming one. History and heritage of Luxor were adorned on almost every element of the Hotel – starting with the elevator doors and even on the roof of the elevators.

caption An entrance and lobby – as imposing and welcoming as it could get

caption The sheet opulence can become addictive, make sure you venture out of the hotel The wifi seems to working best at the lobby area The wifi seems to be working best at the lobby area

Bank The hotel is soothing to the eyes because its very spacious and clean bank You can bank on this hotel to take care of banking needs

The room had all the elements of surrendering in clean comfort after day long excursions on both banks of the Luxor valley. Especially the view of the Valley of the Kings that we got from our room was a sight to behold. After sunset, the historic Valley gets illuminated in a mysterious yellow which keeps inviting the guests from the other side of the bank.

When you are not out and about to enjoy the sites and stories of Luxor , the next best option to settle down in this heritage town is to install yourself either at the seating area of the lobby of this hotel, or go up in the 1st floor in the river facing “Nobles” bar & lounge to grab a drink and flip through pages of a few books on Luxor . Or the best option, if weather permitting, is to grab some mint tea and relax in the spacious pontoon of the hotel which is unparalleled in whole of Luxor . This pontoon is such a wonderful spot in Sonesta St. George Hotel that not only you could hire a felucca for yourself from the Hotel’s own pier, but also you can simply stand and stare at the sunset colours over the ever-flowing Nile. Since we were guests here during winter, we could imagine that during warmer times, one could also enjoy flavoured sheesha or Egyptian tea/coffee while relaxing at this best spot in Luxor .

caption The pontoon of Sonesta St. George is the best in Luxor

caption Do you want to photoshop yourself in this tub? Or rather be there in person?

caption Leave your own foot prints, embark from the pier – sail away to timelessness caption You can sit or you can lean on these – the river in front will make you feel pensive caption Some are always ‘on the go’, with a bag full of memories and experience caption Either have one feet on ground or both feet above – the river and the Valley behind don’t mind caption When mermaids take a break from the water, they pose like this on ground

The best location of the hotel, where the gentle sunshine is waiting to caress you

caption I can guide you to the shore or to the sea, or we could dance in the tunes of the waves

The river and this terrific terrace will never be out of your sight even during the buffet breakfast. A whole range of Egyptian and continental breakfast items are available to charge you up for the remainder of the day. The best part is you can have a sumptuous breakfast from well inside the main dining room “Serapis” or if the weather permits, you can very well sit in the terrace to be accompanied by “some tiny friends with tiny wings” who would love to share some bits and pieces of your breakfast.

caption Chef busy making the omelette of your choice…fresh, right in front of you

caption Sufficient supply of food to fuel you for the rest of the day caption Open the lid, you may fancy that a bit, this a bit? caption A generous seating arrangement in the main restaurant caption Start the day at breakfast with the gentle sound of water – food for your soul If weather permits, enjoy your morning cuppa outside overlooking the nile river If weather permits, enjoy your morning cuppa outside overlooking the nile river Feeding, chatting up and then snapping away our new friends (Sparrows) who joined us or breakfast Feeding, chatting up and then snapping away our new friends (Sparrows) who joined us or breakfast Just about as refreshing as morning breakfast time gets! Just about as refreshing as morning breakfast time gets!

Luxor being a small town, choices for dining out are limited. Sonesta St. George Hotel has taken care of this by having not only one, but three different in-house restaurants serving Italian, Japanese and British/Continental dishes to keep your palate satiated with variety. Although we didn’t try out the Japanese restaurant Miyako, we had a delicious dinner at the Italian restaurant called Beban. For light bites, the Lotus Café is situated just at the lobby to serve fresh food in no time.

caption There are options to try out world cuisine inside this hotel as this is the only Japanese restaurant in Luxor caption The Lotus Cafe next to the lobby gives options for light bites on the go caption No musical chairs going on – you can sit wherever you like

caption We opted for some delicious Italian dishes at the Beban restaurant caption You can capture the candle inside a glass, but the flame can be seen free – set yourself free caption The Beban restaurant offering some non-alcoholic cocktails to dine (and die) for. Lemon flavoured one is our favourite caption Shehzaad ordered a grilled salmon in creamy sauce served with trusted mash caption Expect style, suaveness and presentations mastery by the chefs in the kitchen, no wonder Tanusree had to order this caption Ravishing ravioli all in the comfort of the hotel, Shehzaad ordered a couple of main courses, this was the other one

The hotel also has an on-premise bank to exchange foreign currency. Keep in mind that it is open from 10am to 5pm only so plan accordingly. If you are setting off early for an excursion or returning late back to hotel – you may miss the chance to get your money exchanged. We could find taxis easily right in front of the hotel. All major attractions in Luxor i.e. Karnak Temple, Luxor Museum, Luxor Temple are all a short 10 minutes ride from the hotel.

caption There is enough room inside the hotel to stretch your eyes and legs

caption Although the piano is there in the lobby, but music is played in your head

caption The photographer is hidden in the design of the lift

caption Some footprints lead you to unforeseen experiences and destinations

caption Not a birds eye view, but the view of a dolphin ready for the splash

Illuminated mortuary temple of Hatshepsut at night joins you during your stay in its all glory and shine Illuminated mortuary temple of Hatshepsut at night joins you during your stay in its all glory and shine

Sonesta St. George Hotel at night Sonesta St. George Hotel at night

While we were drawing a curtain on our discovery voyage of Egypt, we realised that Luxor must be the best destination in Egypt. And staying at Sonesta St. George Hotel was the best part to conclude a remarkable stay in Luxor in comfort and convenience. Although this is a collaboration post, the views expressed here are unbiased and sincere. We thank Ms. Dina Badramani for inviting Team OneTimeFashionista to come and stay as guests.


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