Bruges Lookbook

Hard to believe that this UNESCO World Heritage medieval town is just 260km away from London. Perfect for a weekend getaway, we made the most of our two days in Bruges.


We arrived on Friday evening, checked in to a beautiful privately owned Bed& Breakfast and straight away headed out for dinner. The walk from our homestay to the city centre was romantically graced by the golden hours.

Brugge Lookbook Brugge LookbookBrugge Lookbook

The entire town with its cobbled streets and narrow alleys is a walkers paradise. We discovered the medieval monuments on foot and also made sure our knees are put in good use when we climbed the 366 steps on top of the Belfort. Nice little strolls along the array of traditional waffle bakeries and chocolatiers was greeted from time to time with the sights of the Church of Our Lady, Beguinhof and the encircling canals flowing pretty like a necklace around Bruges.

The striking architecture of the houses, the beautiful windows adorned with fresh flower pots and pristine white crochet curtain displays were perfect ingredients to the making of a fairy tale landscape. A toy city, is what I will call it. May be fewer residents than tourists which gave us the impression that the town was all for ourselves as we walked along.

Day 1 (Saturday) Look: A blood-red mini dress styled with nude pink tote, monochromatic lace-up espadrilles and delicate lace.  Lace is such a pretty number for spring and summer, and I especially love the color of this dress and baloon sleeves and silhouettes of this dress.

Brugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge LookbookBrugge Lookbook

Day 2 (Sunday) Look: For sight-seeing on day 2, I opted for a laid-back city-chic look wearing a polka dot white dress with ruffle hem. I finished out the look with a fedora hat and a neon pink satchel. Adding a pair of white Converse was the cherry on top to walk me in and around this medieval town.

Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook Brugge Lookbook

 I have also created a vlog for which I have shared the link above for you to see. I have listed down the wardrobe details in it. Thank you for watching. Hoping to read and see a few ‘likes’, comments and your feedback on it as I’ve slowly started to enjoy vlogging.

Thank you for popping by. I’m afraid I will be away again. I have just finished packing for Poland and will be running away to Krakow and Warsaw for a mini-city break. I promise faithfully to update you with lots of photographs and adventures when I’m back home, in the meantime you can find me here and here.

Stay tuned, stay stunned!

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