“Travelling leaves you speechless,

Then turns you into a storyteller.”- Ibn Battuta

While you’ll be reading this post, I find myself sitting in another long haul flight from London to New Delhi. I’ve experienced a fair amount of time in the air at both ends of the planes, and I can vouch for it that with very little preparation well in advance can actually revolutionise how you feel up in the air and at the end of your journey!

Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!

My first tip would be to choose a seat of your choice. This makes whole lot of difference! Pay a little extra to choose your seat. You wouldn’t like to get up in the middle of your sleep (you are lucky if you can sleep well in the plane) when your co-passengers want to use the toilet. So, I prefer an aisle seat, to be precise, in the middle row, two or three rows away from where the toilet is located. Why?

-An isle seat allows me to stretch my legs (well at least one leg, whenever I want to)

– The middle row is useful because you will have to get up and allow only one of your co-passenger to use the toilet, the third passenger in your row can go from the other side.

So, I suggest you find out what sort of airlines you’re travelling on and pop it into Seat Guru. It shows you where’s best to sit and you can choose from there.

Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!
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Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!

Ok, now let’s go straight to the day you fly.

Top tips:

-Don’t wear jeans or anything that fits tight at the waist. You’re going to be wriggling around in your seat, trying to sleep so you want to be as comfy and relaxed as possible.

-Get yourself a good pair of leggings and a long, loose-fit top that’ll cover your butt. Comfortable undergarments are a must!

-In summer, I wear a pair of ballerina or slip on/off shoes that I can easily lose as soon as I’m seated. In winter I wear flat boots, so I save a little space in my suitcase. But I will always carry a slip-on in my hand/cabin baggage which I change into the second I’m seated.

-Carry a large tote bag that you can fit the world into. What goes in that bag will be shared later. Scroll down, please!

-Carry a portable charger for your phone and laptop. In case you need to make some important calls as soon as you land, just be prepared beforehand.

-Take a soft, snuggly pashmina shawl or a big scarf that can double as a mini blanket to wrap around your upper body.

(Airline blankets never looks clean to me, I may use it to cover the lower body or legs but you want something cleaner and my own nicer thing to snuggle into and put against my face, neck and arms.

-Travelling with a wheel suitcase is vital. Unless you’re flying private and have someone to carry your bags at the other end, you’d like to leave those posh Louis Vuitton leather suitcases at home.

-My super light-weight March suitcase has 4 wheels and glides along like a skater. Whatever brand you choose, remember that 4 wheels are always better than 2. You will save lot of energy from dragging them.

Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!

However, my best tip to travel smarter for a long haul flight is what you pack in your hand luggage or hand bag. Pack like a pro! How?

-Carry a neck pillow. If you forget to pack one, just buy at the airport if you like, just make sure it’s a stuffed one and not inflatable. If your airlines provide pillows, you can still make use of it. Just keep it in your lap, this makes a good hand rest while you sleep. Catching a few hours of sleep will make you feel so much better when you land your destination and most importantly, the flight will fly by before you even open up your eyes.

Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight! Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!

-A silk eye mask. Just make sure its soft and soothing to your skin as being in your own bed.

-A good book, or a Kindle full of them. My favourite is to flip through the images of the latest edition of Vogue and read those celebrity interviews.

– Cozy socks. If you’re sitting in an exit row, this is a must, otherwise your feet’ll be frozen to death.

-A clear cosmetic bag to take your beauty bits in, thus avoiding having to proceed awkwardly with liquids at security.

-Hairband. You would want your hair to look decent when you land.

-A hand cream, lip balm and night repair oil/ cream for your face to keep your skin moisturised and soft.

-A travel size tooth paste and a toothbrush. You would like to feel fresh when you wake up in the morning after that meal you had in the plane.

-Face mist and/or face wipes. Because the temperature inside the plane makes your skin feel very dry or oily depending on your skin types. A beautifully scented, moisturising and refreshing little spritz or wipes can actually liven you up before you land.

-Noise cancelling Earplugs. These make all the difference in the world and will make far-reaching changes in your flying experience. Crying babies!!! So, disappear into your own little world.

-Dry fruits or Nuts. Get yourself a packet or two from the duty free before you board in the plane and keep your hunger at bay.

-Sunglasses for those horrible airport lights.

-Before you board buy a big bottle of water. Cabin crews in economy class pour water into your glass like you’re asking them to serve some expensive champagne, and worst is, they serve it in tiny little glasses. I always carry a bottle of my own so that I don’t have to continually ask for more, it’s important to stay hydrated in along-haul flight. It makes me feel better, helps me to combat jet lag and keep me away from bloating. Although you’ll have to get up to pee more than you would like to but it’s good to move your body, walk upto the toilet and keep your blood circulation smooth during a long flight.

-Load your iPad or tablet with a box set of a tv show. Movies are good, but time flies when you watch series marathon.

And that’s all! You’re ready to roll (and fly!)

Have a safe flight wherever you are travelling to, and wish me the same! One last thing, although the alcohol’s free, try to stay away in a long-haul flight. It’ll make you feel dry and more tired, a hungover up in the air is never a pleasant thing!

Hoping you find these tips useful, drop me a line at the comment section as I like to hear what you have to say.

Happy flying!


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