Cherry Blossoms are an ephemeral phenomenon especially when they appear in full bloom in spring. Just like their prized presence when the seasons are flipping pages, a prized present to yourself would be a Cherry Blossom pink Dhakai Jamdani saree to go hand in hand with the merry making Cherry Blossoms.

Pink Dhakai Jamdani

If you’ve been following me for the last few weeks, you must be aware already of the fascinated foray I’ve made into the charming Cherry Blossoms if you read our previous post here. Similarly, do read our post on the jewel of all the handloom sarees –Dhakai Jamdani and how it embraced me with its chic charm.

The most unique aspect of the vogue proposition of this blog post is positioning yourself in a pink Dhakai Jamdani saree right under a pink Cherry Blossom tree. Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, Japan might invoke a sight of a kimono wearing woman in the midst of a heavenly immersion of Cherry Blossoms. If not a kimono, then may be any kind of western wear. On the other hand, a saree – which is typically an Indian womenswear – one might expect it to be featured more in an Indian setting, possibly during any Indian festival or perhaps in India itself or may be in front of any typical Indian architecture or point of interest. But a Dhakai Jamdani saree under a Cherry Blossom tree? Now that sounds like a magic to be made.

London was in full glory when the pink Cherry Blossoms turned out in full bloom. No room for gloom, it was time to put on the pink Dhakai Jamdani saree which I very passionately designed. With soft curls in the hair to unfurl, I held on to the arm-candy of a flower basket to collect pink Cherry Blossom confetti. A Jaipuri jutti to keep things firm under the feet, my ears got adorned by the dear earrings from TribebyAmrapali and my hand was ornamented by a greek goddess hand harness from RaAbtabyRahul.

A gentle shake, and awake the pink petals of Cherry Blossom. A subtle stir and let the confetti spray the pink explosion of natural delight. Unusual as it may sound, pink is indeed an uncommon colour to be seen on a Jamdani saree. Even more unusual is being seen in a Dhakai Jamdani saree under a Cherry Blossom tree. The style substance however, doesn’t distinguish between fabric of a cloth and pattern of a leaf. As long as you could carry the elements well and feature yourself in the perfect backdrop to blend into – then wearing a Jamdani saree under a Cherry Blossom tree would be an unusually attractive style statement you could make this spring.

While the pink confetti slid down my curly lock, I kept contemplating whether Alice would have loved to get lost in this wonderland or not? Possibly yes, only if she would have known how to drape a saree perhaps.

What Was I Wearing?

Saree designed by Tanusree Ghosh
TribebyAmrapali Earrings
Jutti From Janpath, New Delhi,India
Basket Bag from Portugal
Waist accessory from a Silversmith in Kolkata New Market, India
Hair by Driblowbar
Makeup by Ellie
Photos by Margarita Karenko
Concept & Styling by yours truly that’s Tanusree


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Truly gorgeous. So, so lovely. You mentioned pink is not a color traditionally associated with Dhakai jamdani sarees. Could you please tell me what the traditional colors for these sarees are? I’m searching high and low for a grey background with white weave. If you have any leads please let me know. I also loved your post on the Bengali new year – another stunning look. Thank you for sharing! ml


Red & white is the most common and worn color combination for Jamdani. Now a days they are available almost in many shades. Another most common one is with multi coloured weave with a single base tone. Thanks for your message and thanks for liking my design and write up.

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