One thing you may not know about me is my height. I’m actually 5’6” but often times I may appear shorter or to some of you who never met me in person are now surprised that I’m not taller. Which can be seen as a compliment depending on the context and situation it is said in! Especially with the need to be photographed often and pull off different styles, I’ve a few tricks under my belt to appear longer and taller. I mean, who doesn’t want to look taller, right?

3 Styling Tips For Appearing Taller

So for all my petite ladies out there, or those of you just looking to add a few extra inches longitudinally to your frame, I wanted to put together a post sharing my simple tricks for looking taller. You’ll be surprised to know that my suggested 3 easy tips to appear taller doesn’t include the most common tip, that is to – ”wear heels’.

Wear Tights or Over-the-knee Boots

I’ve honestly loved tights  and over-the-knee boots since I was a young girl, and to this day nothing has changed. These days, they’re not only a ways to keep my legs warm when paired with a dress or skirt but also they’re my secret for adding length to my stems, especially this time of year. I just stocked up on a few different colours and patterns. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted  at the same time when I found out there are maternity tights available in the market. Some are bump-and-body-shaping, how incredible is this news! Why should non-pregnant women have all the fun, right!

From patterned to coloured, try tights with a mini skirt, a longer coat, or dress to hide pale winter skin that, let’s be real, usually makes us look shorter. Tights are also your saviour for those in between days when your leg hair just started to regrow but quite not long enough to shave or wax yet. Tights really give that smooth, continuous look that helps you appear taller. And for the beach-life loving soul in me who loves short hems no matter what is the time of year, the need for extra layering is real. Major bonus!

3 Styling Tips For Appearing Taller

Monochrome your legs

From where your hips start to the tips of your toes, going with one singular color can add inches to your frame. Instead of cutting yourself off at your ankles with a harsh color change, wear the same color on bottom and on your feet. I love how an over-the-knee black boots here gave my legs that elongated illusion. It would also work if you experiment with matching tights and ankle boots which is a super flattering combo.

3 Styling Tips For Appearing Taller

Go dark

It’s probably no secret by now that darker colors are more flattering – and with that comes a longer appearance. Reach for hues like burgundy, emerald green, navy, dark greys and of course black when you’re wanting to add height to your lower half.

3 Styling Tips For Appearing Taller

Now that I spilled the beans, why not share yours in the comments below? I would be looking forward to your tips to add to this list of making yourself appear taller.

What Was I Wearing?

H&M Mama Tunic
Zara Boots


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