Hello March! The beginning of spring, all things blossoming, and also for me personally, the time to give birth to our child who I have been growing inside me for the past 10 months. Whether through an afternoon of sunlight that feels like a jolt of energy or by way of spring style delicately making its way into our wardrobes, the season of bloom has arrived!

Spring's First Look

Spring's First Look

My favourite seasons are autumn and spring. Nature is at its best around these two seasons of the year. I’m autumn born, spring wedded and now waiting for my offspring to arrive in my arms in this spring. As they say, what is done in love is done well. As far as the spring fashion scene is concerned, lately, that’s been bright hues, with my attention on floral prints, colours that bring a sense of freshness and vividness to whatever I’m wearing.

If you are like me, already craving that first bloom and sight of true spring, you will find plenty of inspirations in and around London, be it the cherry blossom trees in London parks or in the facades of brand stores, and restaurants with their floral installations alluring you to sneak peek into spring. With a pop of floral prints on this maternity dress which blended beautifully with the decor outside one of my favourite restaurants in London- The Ivy Chelsea Garden. You probably have noticed that I keep going back there in every season. And where to shop for some appropriate spring-y maternity dresses that feel fresh and fashionable yet won’t break your bank? Asos, of course!

Spring's First Look

I hope you enjoyed this spring’s first look inspiration for bringing a sense of spring into your wardrobe. I’ll include more favourites below for your shopping pleasure. Here’s to the season of blooms!

What Was I Wearing?

Asos Dress For non-maternity, I like this, this and this too)
L K Bennett Shoes
Lovetobag Clutch


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