What happens when your stars align? Do you feel like climbing up the tallest mountain in the world to scream out loud to announce any incident which carries an astronomical delight and an astounding importance in your life? Celebrating the 11th anniversary of our marriage on 13th of March and experiencing the maiden foray into parenthood holding the tiny fingers of our first child who was born on 11th March 2019 are the two celestial events unfolding in front of us.

11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3 11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3

We are literally on the highest peak and possibly way above cloud nine to announce from the top of our voice that we welcome the arrival of our first child, our son Aryan Shehtanu in our arms while we celebrate the holding of our hands in marriage for the 11th year running. Anniversary month of our marriage coinciding with the birth month of our first child, could it get any more galactic and ecstatic than this? Could the stars have aligned any more than this? Our stars got aligned, a star got born and a stark outpouring of emotion we experience as we keep staring at the starry face of our baby.

11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3

As we have always maintained that children are not the key fruit to bear out of the union of two adults in matrimony or co-habitation. The companionship, the love, respect and friendship that are in play while little moments of life passed hand in hand since we met in year 2000 are thousand times more precious for us than anything else. Knowing each other for some 9 years before getting married and then having cruised through another 10 years of the marital journey together, a decade is behind us while we unlock the 11th year.

11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3

We believed that our union will result in a synergy of the love of two adults resulting in something bigger and more precious than our individual selves. The 11th anniversary of our marriage reminds us that our desire for synergy has been truly proven as we became not 1+1=2 but we have become 1 more to be 3 now! Therefore in March 2018, on the 11th anniversary month of our marriage – we have become 1+1+1=3.

11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3 11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3

We have learnt very well that life always doesn’t follow rules of mathematics and plans are made and plans fail too. We had the privilege to make the choice when to travel, when to work and when to have a baby. We accepted the uncertainty gracefully on the creation of another life as an expansion of our love but it turned out to be so well timed that our baby son was born within near sight of our own wedding anniversary (13th March) as if to acknowledge the fact that he is indeed the fruit of the love shared between his mummy and daddy. From now on, that love will only be doubled before it gets shared with him for the rest of our lives.

Until last year, the month of March carried a specific significance in our hearts which focused only on when we tied the knot. From this year onwards, every March will have increased interest because we have been rewarded with the sweetest interest of our lovely investment in each other – our baby. As planned was the pregnancy, so will be the parenting we would want to believe. Accepting that so many factors will always remain unknown and variable, we will do our best to raise our boy as a fine human being first. Then he can decide to become whatever he wants.

11th Wedding Anniversary: When 1+1 Equals 3

On this monumental occasion of this bright cusp of our lives, we want to thank you for following our journey so far and hopefully your best wishes and good vibes will keep the three of us going for dozens of years to come.

When 1+1 equals 3
Our lifetime anniversary gift to us

What Were We Wearing? 

Tanusree’s Wardrobe: Asos Dress/ Amazon flower crown

Shehzaad’s Wardrobe: Zara Blazer, Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt, Levi’s jeans

Aryan’s Wardrobe: The White Company onesie and La Cooqueta matching woollen set

Pregnancy couple Photography by Alise Jane Photography

Aryan’s first photoshoot by Margarita Karenko


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