Since the birth of my child Aryan, muted colors, loose, elegant silhouettes have taken centre stage in my individual style. It may change again when I’ll return to my previous body shape. Channelling the fashion from the movie Love Story: think crisp walks in the park as the leaves turn orange and the mellow sun sets in the distance….is how I’ll be dressed up in this autumn. Mustard tones and burnt oranges, chocolate browns, rich textiles like plaids, prints like tartans, textures like suede and real leather accessories, are my Autumn jam.


In addition to that: I have zero time this year to plan my autumn looks (first time mother without the help of a nanny and granny, you see!)! Easy autumn style isn’t always that easy to curate especially when you do not want to look like just another style blogger on Instagram, and keep wondering where to start when I need to shop for wardrobe staples. I love autumn; bringing out my favourite coats, boots and sweaters always makes me feel cosy and happy but with so much going on this year, I needed to make it effortless in picking a place from where I could get a few of my Autumn essentials easily, without having to visit a dozen different stores. The first thing got my attention when I visited the H&M store (of course with my 7 month old son) the other day was this bright orange oversized sweater. Next to it lying on was a pile of plaid trousers, so basically it was a moment as if H&M itself styled this look for a new mother like me who can hardly spent more than 15 minutes in a store browsing through clothes without her child not fussing. I  just checked the sizes I wanted and got hold of some of their newest pieces for autumn including this sweater and trouser and I love them. Easy autumn style just got a whole lot easier.

What Was I Wearing?

H&M Sweater and Trousers
Accessorize Hat
Dune London Boots
Michael Kors Bag
Zara Earring
Miu Miu Sunglasses


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