Although its autumn here in London now, we seemed to have got the sweet fruit of our spring already as we hold the tiny hands of our precious little man Aryan and take him out for his introduction to the fall foliage of this mesmerising season. We never shied away from celebrating each and every season as they unfolded.

An Autumn Walk In The Park

From taking lazy walks through the Hampstead Heath park  to riding bicycles in Hyde Park , we got ourselves immersed into the golden glory of the leaves that fell. It was actually ourselves who fell for Autumn as we drowned ourselves in the ocean of the golden foliage and this year it was time to take our little man to experience this wonder of the season.

Aryan was in his elements as he got into the swing of things as he discovered inexplicable joy in riding his first ever swing. Curious and cautious at the same time, he got his first feel of the fallen autumn leaves as he sat amidst the leaves with a pensive look. It was an enthralling feeling to be experiencing the change in the season with the greatest change took place in our lives, as a family of three. While autumn signals also the arrival of cold and grey winter in near future, for us though, we continue to feel the jubilation of spring all along as we flip through the pages and leaves.


What Was I Wearing?

H&M Sweater Dress
Asos Boots & Beanie Hats
Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses
Michael Kors Bag


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Feel refreshed as you take in the sights and sounds of autumn colour in the East. Keep a lookout for deer roaming the grounds of Dunwich Heath, or get up early for a misty autumn walk in Orvis Wood in Flatford.

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