The tree is up, the mantle is decked up, the presents are wrapped and hidden under the tree and now it’s time to set up the Christmas dinner table in preparation for the big day tomorrow. Whether it’s a table for two, seven or eleven, getting the right festive feel to your Christmas dinner table is most important as it is where the families unite to make merry and feast over. So no matter what’s on the menu, a Christmas dinner table deserves a special touch. Add sparkle to your table settings with a festive centre-piece, crisp table cloth, fancy tableware and accent ideas. To set the scene for a Christmas lunch/dinner table last minute, remember these following 5 simple tips-


Have A Theme

It helps to have a theme, to allow you to plan and create the ideal setting. You could choose a colour combination or a texture or a pattern. This year, I opted for gold and red – this can create the starting point for your table theme, or you may fancy something more tropical full of brightness. To compliment my theme, I picked a table cloth that is neutral in colour with gorgeous cut out flower motifs on all 4 edges. If you go for a darker colour for your table cloth, make sure you compliment it by choosing tablewares in white or contrast colour.

Create a centrepiece

A centrepiece adds focus to your table as your family, friends and guests come to sit down. You can create this in lots of different ways, but don’t forget it might need to be moved later on to make way for the food, so consider this when you plan. Candles and fresh foliage arrangements always look great and add a traditional festive feel.

How to create a centrepiece in budget?

A visit to my local florist for a centrepiece with real foliage gave me almost a heart attack. What I had in my vision board was turning out to be too expensive, so I came up with a contingency plan, bought some fresh foliage and dry decorative pieces from Marks and Spencer and decided to DIY my centrepiece this year. I started creating the centrepiece with this dry copper-gold-ish wreath placing in the centre of the table, then I added a candle dome inside the wreath, you can put 3 medium sized candles alternatively if you do not have a glass candle jar or a dome. I started to arrange the fresh foliages of Christmas tree around the wreath, you can choose the shape of your centrepiece by arranging the foliage horizontally or vertically. I added some fresh berry bunches, dry berry cones and other coloured foliages to accentuate the centrepiece. There is no particular order to follow, just don’t go overboard. Once your foliages are arranged, add a few baubles here and there, if you don’t have extra baubles, pick a few from your tree, no one will notice.

Add lights

Lights are the magic that make the table. Whilst adding twinkle and glow, the light bounces off and reflects in the decoration, glassware and sparkling cutlery. There are easy ways to add lights to your table – candles are great, such as votives or tea lights in gorgeous glass jars. You can make your own in glass jars with glitter, twine and holly or perhaps you can use tall candlesticks and candelabras above your guest’s eye line. A modern alternative is to use micro led fairy lights, wound in and around your table décor in warm and cool colours. I kept it simple by adding small tea light candle holders in gold, they added the right kind of warmth my table needed.

3 C’s- Crackers or table gifts, crockery & cutleries

Crackers or table gifts…or both?! Crackers can be bought to match any theme; some luxury crackers contain great games and entertainment for all generations sat at the table. If you have the time, you can even make your own as it can be a chance to include personal presents, family favourite games or charades. There are lots of cracker making kits available to purchase, which can help you achieve this. I picked these luxury crackers from Dunelm. They came in a pack of 10. The tartan checks coupled with little golden berry cones were a perfect match to my theme of gold and red. Table gifts are popular, wrapping them in same size boxes can keep your guests guessing the contents throughout dinner. Are you a simple classic kind or full on festive?

There are some fabulous choices of Christmas themed crockery and glassware out there and it is so easy to get carried away. Whatever you choose, make sure it compliments and enhances your table theme, tie in your chosen colours and patterns. If you go for festive patterned crockery keep the napkins plain and simple to show off your plates and glasses. Have a separate glass for each kind of drink, fizz, white or red.

Sparkle, always sparkle!

Whatever your theme and décor…always add sparkle, as it is Christmas after all. Sprinkle table crystals and add mini baubles, glitter, mini fairy lights, candles or just classic sparkling glassware. Most of all have fun and let your family, friends and guests be your sparkle.

I hope you will find these 5 last minute Christmas table decoration tips useful. Share this post now with your friends so that they can make use of these tips too before the guests drive in!

Merry Christmas and happy feasting!



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