It was our son Aryan’s 1st birthday and we had made plans for a 3-way celebration as described in our previous post. On the 2nd leg of this celebration, we took our precious little man to Paris in France, his first ever trip outside of his home country (UK). Such a special place we have in our hearts for France that goes back to our early courtship days in Delhi, India, when Shehzaad and I used to learn French together. No wonder, the City of Love Paris, is the obvious location to relish the labour of our love – our son Aryan.

Aryan's 1st Birthday in Paris

Not to overshadow the important fact that it was also our 12th anniversary of wedding two days right after Aryan’s 1st birthday. So this City of Love – Paris was where we took Aryan so that he also loves to travel when he grows up especially on important personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries as we have always tried to do. Material gifts are so useless in comparison to the joy of a journey to a foreign land.

We made our way to the gorgeous St. Pancras station in London to catch Aryan’s maiden journey on Eurostar trains which transferred us on the other side of the tunnel in less than 2.30 hours as we said ‘Bonjour’ to Paris! Unfazed and still curious, Aryan might not have realized the change in language and surroundings but we made sure that the countless insta-stories and photos captured show to him when he grows up how we spent this special day with him in Paris.

One of the key highlights of this 1st birthday tour in Paris was undoubtedly getting photographed with the majestic Eiffel Tower in the backdrop. We got some pastel colored balloons and a special artisan cake designed by the famous Lily of the Valley bakery in Paris to ornament our boy’s 1st birthday celebration in Paris. We got ourselves settled right on the bank of the serene river Seine with the iconic Tour d’Eiffel as our backdrop, while we had a riverside picnic to soak the vibes of the occasion.

Aryan also had his appearance made in the vibrant neighbourhood of Montmartre where he saw the gorgeous Sacre Coeur as we grabbed a priceless view of the entire skyline of the beautiful French capital. Aryan surely did enjoy his taxi rides in Paris and more importantly the metro rides especially when he got carried in his stroller which daddy had to lift while climbing up and down the stairs in the metro stations.

As a budding connoisseur of all things art and elegance, Aryan posed for pictures in the artwork Les Deux Plateaux in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal. Afterwards, he was seen strolling along the romantic Pont Alexandre III bridge on a rainy afternoon, held tightly in the arms of daddy and ma, as he refused from time to time to be stuck inside a stroller. Possibly he was missing out on the views which was only visible from being held on our arms.

Aryan did not forget to pay a visit to the famous museum of Louvre and enjoy drinking maa’s milk overlooking the unique architecture all from the comfort of the lavish café Marly. Finally, no trip in Paris could be finished unless some time was spent at the Trocadero which gives a larger than life full view of the Eiffel Tower. Aryan was rather more entertained by the flock of pigeons there much to the non-existence of the iconic emblem of France in sight.

Paris being just a short train ride away from London, we hope our son will grow up to live one more day to be able to see one new place, to be able to add one new experience and to be able to tell one new story. If it were not due to this Corona virus pandemic, we would have gone to India to celebrate the 3rd and final leg of the celebration of Aryan’s 1st birthday back in late March 2020. Its indeed a shame that that plan is now withheld as we are staying indoors to stay safe and hoping for the best that this too shall pass. We shall then hit the road or the runways one more time so that Aryan can experience the vibe of another tribe somewhere else in the world.



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