They say, “you get only 18 delicious summers with your children.”. This is our second summer together with our precious little man Aryan. We can’t go to beaches, take a flight anywhere for a city break or go for a staycation in the countrysides as the fear of second wave will drive us into another full lockdown and we want to save NHS, save lives of vulnerable groups. So what we can’t do fancy things! I’m the creator of memories, I always make the most of whatever situation I’m in, with whatever resources I’ve or not. To make my 16 month old son Aryan’s second summer memorable, I bought a playhouse that came flatpack and DIY-ed it to look like a coastal cottage in Greek Islands. Aryan can’t travel to Greece during a global Pandemic but Maa can bring Greece vibes for him in our garden.




This is one of my many #isolationcreation projects that I have DIYed myself in these past five and a half months. Those of you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me working on it in my stories. A full look reveal was due. It was not so difficult to assemble and can be easily moved if needed.
Playhouses like this are meant for children over 3 years, with Aryan, I follow a parenting style unique to me and introduce most things early ‘cause I’m a believer that our kids are smarter than we think they are, kids in general adapt to a new situation quicker than adults and most importantly, children become what they are exposed to, not what we want them to.

Playhouse from kidkraft toys
Paint I used are Farrow and Ball blue ground and Dulux UK pure brilliant white
Customised playhouse door signboard and doormat from Etsy UK
Concept, makeover design, DIY, accessories, decoration, photography and all products purchased and paid by yours truly.

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