The joy of British summer can never be summed up unless its experienced through one or more barbecues at the backyard or in the park. We did not miss the chance to grab the rays of the sun while we got our grills out to thrill our palates with some barbecued chicken and veggies.

While the unusual times pass around us with all the lockdowns and social distancing, a barbecue in the backyard arranged by our family of three went well with the need of the times. Only safe distance we had to maintain was not from other people but from the super hot and fuming barbecue trays while we put on our marinated preparations one by one.




Tanusree was adept as usual in making sure the chicken and the veggies got their coatings well so that the touch of the coal heat would bring out the best from them in no time. Our precious little man Aryan was no less engaged and excited, given this was his first and surely not the last, British barbecue. As a bearer of the British tradition, he would surely carry on the barbecue flag and take over the helm from his Maa one day in future.


The smell of the coal smoke and the perseverant heat did magic on the chicken pieces and veggies. We did justice in devouring them in no time and we also kept wondering why this experience cannot be enjoyed when the chill is around, means during winter. We thought it would actually keep us warm while we would stand around the barbecue, soak up its heat while some more chicken and veggies can be grilled even during a grey cold winter in London. That is the plan so you could expect a winter special BBQ blogpost from the three of us in the next few months.


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