We are a team

SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai JamdaniI’m Tanusree. I live in one of the ”Big Four” principal fashion capitals in the world- London. Armed with degrees in English literature, Human Resource Management, Research Methods and diplomas in French and German, I am an avid traveller, care to cook and believe in dressing up/down for the occassion and the places I am visiting. Lived, educated and worked in India, Bangladesh and the UK and speaker of 5 languages, I’m passionate about discovering cultures, meeting people and sharing worldview stories. I prefer not to be defined by my ‘look’ and feel free to dress how I feel each day. When asked to describe my style, I would like to believe that I’m very eclectic. I mix up different styles. I love colours, prints and enjoy experimenting new looks on me.

There is one woman who made me dream big in fashion- Mademoiselle Chanel. Shopping or designing my clothes and accessories is never-ending but when it’s time to get dressed in the morning, I perpetually have nothing to wear (you know that feeling, right)! I am an evangelical sharer of things that make me happy – be it the food I cook, the look I sport and the places I visit. One Time Fashionista is my platform to share this happiness I gather in life with you all.  Also some items from my wardrobe will be for sale from time to time in giveaway prices. Check them out!!!

Trendspotting: Men’s Wood TiesHello I am Shehzaad, I am the beautographer of this blog. I am the person behind the lenses most of the time. All my clothes are bought by and I am always styled by the person you just read above. She is my PAM (Personal Appearance Manager). Frankly I see the world in three basic colours i.e. red, blue, green. I am learning about style and fashion every day. When in good mood I take good photos. I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Bengali and basic Mandarin. I am an MBA and have a day job as Head of a department in a multi-national Gaming Software company.

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