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Packing Picks for Hong Kong & Mainland China

Plans may become useless or subject to change, but planning is an essential activity you have to undertake. Even more so when all your bags are packed and you’re ready to go to a new country far away from your home base. Planning in advance on what you will wear in the new country really helps alleviate the overthinking of what to wear in the mornings and thus makes everything much more relaxing. In this post, I am going to share yet another set of packing picks with you because we are all set to fly off to far east i.e. Hong Kong & China for 3 weeks of major discovery.

Packing Picks for HongKong & Mainland China
Packing Picks for HongKong & Mainland China

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Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!

“Travelling leaves you speechless,

Then turns you into a storyteller.”- Ibn Battuta

While you’ll be reading this post, I find myself sitting in another long haul flight from London to New Delhi. I’ve experienced a fair amount of time in the air at both ends of the planes, and I can vouch for it that with very little preparation well in advance can actually revolutionise how you feel up in the air and at the end of your journey!

Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!
Fly Smarter In A Long Haul Flight!

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Packing Picks for Mini-City Breaks in Europe

If you’ve been following our  travels on Instagram, Facebook and over here over the past few months, you’ll see we’ve planned to explore a few European cities this summer–we are done with Vienna in Austria and we’ve planned to do 3 more countries (Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg) within this month! And why not! London is the ultimate city from which to explore Europe, in all its glory. We are pretty much always within a short flight from every European city! Figuring out how to pack for this mini city breaks  is a fun challenge (every single look was thought out in advance, because we could only take one cabin luggage as we usually travel in budget airlines within Europe- it’s convenient and economic). In this post, I’m passing on my packing secrets for mini city breaks to you.

Packing Picks for Mini-City Breaks in Europe
This 55 X 38 X 20 cm / 2.15 kg / 37 L Small suitcase from March fits both of our essentials for a trip upto 4 days

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Packing Picks For Brazil and Chile

All eyes will be on the Brazilian behemoth in August for the Olympic games, but smart voyagers are planning their visit either earlier or later in the year, when the streets are emptier but the feel-good factor lingers. It’s hard to picture a city more generously endowed with natural beauty, with golden beaches and densely forested mountains surrounding a city that pulses to a samba beat. Yes, the Olympics are a big deal, but in Rio every night is a potential street party. Beautographer and I have arrived in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil this morning.

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Packing Picks for Egypt

We have finally arrived at the land from where it all began – Egypt. The cradle of the important civilisation along the Nile, this patron of Pyramids was long in our wanderlust-list. As the last voyage destination of 2015 for Team OneTimeFashionista, we are excited to touch down here to celebrate Christmas and merrily usher into the New Year. We had to assiduously put the pyjamas, pantaloons and pashminas while we packed our suitcases, keeping in careful view the festive time of the year, location and climate of the destination, local norms and culture and more importantly keeping our own FQ (Fashion Quotient) uncompromised and intact. Read on as we share our packing tips for you so that you can truly Walk Like An Egyptian!

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Travel Vogue

My fashionistas, a quick post to share my airport style or travel look for Russia with you all here. If you have read the last post, you have already seen the look but thought it would be helpful to share the details why it is the way it is! After years of travelling to different destinations, I have managed to get my airport fashion game in place and it all depends on the length of the flight, what season it is and how I’m doing healthwise at that particular time of flying out. Those of us who are not celebrities and would be unable to carry off the Lady Gaga look even if we wanted to, but what we wear can still tell others a lot about us. The days of check-in staff upgrading smartly dressed travellers are all but over, but that is no excuse to abandon all sense of style. Worse still is the fact that our appearance and body language can also influence the judgement of airport officials at security when leaving the UK and passport control, immigration and customs on arrival especially if you happen to stand on the queue for Non-UK passport holders.

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