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You Can Never Miss Messi & Maradona When in Argentina

Its no surprise that when you will get into the taxi from the airport in Buenos Aires towards your hotel in the city center, the most frequent face on almost all the advertisements and billboards you will ever see are those of the one and only….yes you guessed it right – Lionel Messi. Funny thing was I was so much in awe to have really arrived in Messi’s homeland that I could barely pay any attention to which products he was endorsing in the advertisements. I could only gasp at his smiling portrait comfortably ignoring the calls to action in Spanish or the products he was vouching for.

You can never miss Messi when in Argentina
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Argentina: Mighty Iguazú Falls

If you ever wonder why human beings used to worship nature, what were the motivations to bow down before the might and mystery of what surrounds us, you have to visit the Iguazu Falls to know for yourself. Bold statement you may think, even bolder is what you will see at Iguazu Falls. Just to tell you that the Iguazu Falls are taller than Niagara falls and twice as big.

Argentina: Mighty Iguazú Falls
Three of the many falls

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Counting The Colours In La Boca Argentina

We just returned two days ago from our maiden voyage in South America. Still struggling with the jet lag but fresh with the memories. Good time that the experiences are shared with you now while it remains fresh and straight from the oven. So read on while we unfold our experience in weekly episodes to you.  Starting with the Argentine capital Buenos Aires as that is what we had first in our itinerary. It is recommended that you start your exploration of Buenos Aires with the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca since this is where the early Italian settlers also started their new life on the Argentine soil. The other reason to visit this place first would be to tick this box of a typical tourist destination off your list, so that you can focus on more off-beat locations with more time and attention.  Continue reading Counting The Colours In La Boca Argentina