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2015 Voyage Highlights: Where To Go: In One Digest

ST transparent insert bodyIn 2015, Team Onetimefashionista set voyage across 4 countries, 2 islands, 2 deserts and 13 cities/locations in 4 continents to share the joy with you that how addictive and enriching it is to see the world by yourself with all your senses. Earlier in 2015, we set foot on the southern most point of the United States where the foamy waves of the Pacific Ocean splashed on our feet in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. We climbed up the Kjerag Mountains to see a dangling rock and completed an epic 2200 km cross-country drive through the country where God lives – Norway. Then we put a big tick on the biggest country of the whole world while we hummed and followed “The Moskva, down to Gorky Park, listening to the wind of change…” in Russia. Finally, towards the end of the happening year, we went to the cradle from where it all started for the human civilisation – Egypt – where it all began!

Hawai'i USA, Norway, Russia and Egypt
Hawai’i USA, Norway, Russia and Egypt

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