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2015 Voyage Highlights: Where To Go: In One Digest

ST transparent insert bodyIn 2015, Team Onetimefashionista set voyage across 4 countries, 2 islands, 2 deserts and 13 cities/locations in 4 continents to share the joy with you that how addictive and enriching it is to see the world by yourself with all your senses. Earlier in 2015, we set foot on the southern most point of the United States where the foamy waves of the Pacific Ocean splashed on our feet in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. We climbed up the Kjerag Mountains to see a dangling rock and completed an epic 2200 km cross-country drive through the country where God lives – Norway. Then we put a big tick on the biggest country of the whole world while we hummed and followed “The Moskva, down to Gorky Park, listening to the wind of change…” in Russia. Finally, towards the end of the happening year, we went to the cradle from where it all started for the human civilisation – Egypt – where it all began!

Hawai'i USA, Norway, Russia and Egypt
Hawai’i USA, Norway, Russia and Egypt

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Tropical Beach Anniversary Lookbook

ST transparent insert bodyIt certainly had been a roller coaster ride. There was excitement, there was fear, element of surprise, risk, scream, laughter, relief, anxiety and the whole plethora of emotions one can imagine. The main difference being the fact that this roller coaster was not found in any theme park but in the very centre stage of life itself when we decided to embark on the union of marriage to partner with each other through every thick and thin and through every up and down.

Heaven seems a little bit closer when we are sitting by the ocean together, holding hand in hand

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3 Must Visit Big Island Hawai’i Beaches: Black, White & Green Sand

There may be two recurring themes in the posts we write on our Voyage stories. First is the point that there is a wonderful transformation of self-esteem waiting for you if you want to upgrade yourself from being an ordinary tourist to becoming a voyager. There is a difference in the same way the meanings are different between the words ‘child’ and ‘adult’. Secondly, we always believed that the farther you travel from home, the more rewarding the experience may become. Life holds out interesting turns for you and the excitement is inversely proportional to the distance travelled from your home. This year in March, we made the longest air travel till now to reach the little pieces of heaven in the Hawaii islands, gorgeously and exclusively reigning as the Queen of Pacific all by herself. While you may foresee a clichéd sentence coming on blue sky and lavish sandy beaches but no! Our voyage was about the touch and feel of not one, but three coloured sands of three beaches – black, green and white ofcourse! This is exactly where ‘tourists’ distinguish themselves from ‘voyagers’ that they push themselves to limit to experience the shades of natural wonders.

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Fringes, Flowers & Fruits

Hawaii kind of felt like a dream location (I know I said this before), somewhere that you don’t actually believe exists until you see it up close and truly experience it. The beaches and landscape is breathtaking. It is kind of cool to see different types of sand on beaches lined with white, black, green or in some, no sand at all and roads leading up to large rolling mountains in the background. Definitely do not see that in the UK!

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Coachella Love

Get over your flower crowns and fringes, festival goers! This year, Coachella was no longer branded as Fashionista festival rather shown us everything from butt cheeks to bare chest, sea punks to all sorts of unexplained costumes. Yes, like every year, the young Hollywood and almost all big-shots in fashion blogging gathered in one dusty destination in California last weekend, decked out in their boho-best at the king of all (fashion) music festival- Coachella.

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Shoreline Hotel Waikiki- Our Home in Honolulu, Hawaii


This is a message I’d like to send out to all wanting to visit Honolulu, Hawaii in 2015 or whenever you want. If you did not put the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki located in the heart of Waikiki on your list, you need to check-in yourself ASAP. No lie. One of the BEST HOTELS IN THE OAHU ISLAND is the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki.

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Packing Picks for Hawaii

As you guys probably already know, I am off to my ”dream holiday” of all time. Ever since I watched Baywatch (I was in school), I envisaged myself one day running on the beach in slow-motion in a red one piece swimsuit. I know exactly what you are thinking at the moment! I should have been in the film business;) May be I should have! Ahhhs and oohhhs are over and while you are reading this post, I have crossed 7 seas to be in here in Oahu, Honolulu and later heading to the Big Islands Hawaii to celebrate 7 years of ‘saying it in black & white’ with who else other than my partner. March is our special month. It is when we registered ourselves to embark on the unique journey together followed by celebrations through traditional rites and rituals throughout the month. So, we chose not to pick one particular day to celebrate because that’s what is expected. To us, conventional is boring and predictable. Not our cup of tea or coffee for that matter! Instead we come on a holiday to explore a new destination, know the unknowns, collect memories and gain experiences in life to share with you all and everyone around us.  So, here we are in the 50th state of U.S.A – Hawaii!

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