Below some frequently asked questions and their answers. If your query is not found below feel free to email us.

  1. Are you a model, designer, stylist, fashion blogger? See the image above, I am a fashion blogger first and foremost. However, I do style and design my own clothes and model them on myself.
  2. What kind of camera do you use? I use a Canon DSLR and Canon G7X Powershot.  I have a few different lenses, a flash and a tripod.
  3. Who takes your pictures ? Depending on the business project, I have a pool of local and international, reliable, trusted and professional photographers who I work with. I am in charge of food, fashion and travel photography & video directions and editing.
  4. May I use your photographs on my site? Provided you mention clearly the credits to
  5. I want to start a blog.  Any tips? Write as often as you can.  Provide compelling content and high quality photographs.  Make sure your site is clean and easy to read.  Find other blogs that you admire and take note of what it is you like about their sites.  The most important piece of advice is to write about things that bring you joy and that you’re truly passionate about!
  6. Where did you get the piece of clothing you’re wearing in your outfit post? I provide all of the information about the things that I wear in the end of each outfit post.
  7. How do you make a living writing  your blog? You can make a living by working on your blog full-time and generate revenue through display advertisements, selective affiliate links, marketing consultations and collaborations.
  8. Can I interview you for a school project?  Yes, you can! I am here to help. Email 
  9. Can I send you a product to review? Yes, you can! Just send me a sample of the product and if I like it and find it to be in alignment with my business model, I will write a review featuring images of me using the product and a close-up of the product itself.
  10. Can I take you with me when going for shopping to help me to choose the right kind of clothes for me? Yes, you can for a small fee and as long as it is in London.
  11. How many countries you visit generally in a year? We generally visit around 4-5 countries each year. So far we have visited 47 countries.

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