argentina_999_835I started initially with a page on Facebook under the name ”One Time Fashionista” with the intention to sell items from my wardrobe that are worn only ONCE – so there came the words ”ONE TIME”. A dress bought and worn once, clicked few photos in it and I kept them right where they belong to i.e. in my wardrobe and never wore them again. So I thought to sell them at a very very reasonable price so that it can be of use for another Fashionista like you. Hence came the name One Time Fashionista. All the fashion, style related posts are covered under the ‘Vogue‘ category.


Later I thought to take my way of looking at style and fashion to exciting and exotic locations around the world. So the Travel section was started under the banner ‘Voyage‘.  The travelogues are composed by my beautographer Shehzaad.

Bangkok's Best Street Food Pad Thai, Home-cooked in London

I care to cook. There is no reason to think that a woman who can pose in front of camera in different clothes don’t have time to give in the kitchen. Check out the section of this blog under the category ‘Voracity‘ and I challenge you that your mouth will fill with water and you will click the ‘like’ button.



Hey found you on B’khush. Nice blog lovely style you have. Do give me a visit when you have a moment. Following you 🙂


Thank you! Much appreciate your feedback!


dont you have your wedding pictures, would love to see them..

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