Look Lime-fresh this Summer!

My fashionistas, I was an English literature student and being a typical Virgo I like everything about arts and crafts. I am a huge enthusiast of movies, plays, dramas, theaters and musicals. I try to take full advantage of living in the city-London, a place for all the best cultural events in the world. So, I make sure I watch at least one musical in a theatre and one play at Shakespeare globe theatre each year, if not more (considering the tickets are very very expensive, I can literally buy 2 decent outfits from ZARA;)). I have already watched one musical in this spring, so yesterday was my fair share to go and watch a play at shakespeare globe theatre.









As part of the World Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has taken on its most ambitious project to date: 37 of Shakespeare’s plays performed by theatre companies from around the world, in just six weeks. The season starts just before Shakespeare’s birthday on 21 April, and presents every one of Shakespeare’s 37 plays in a different language. It’s a huge cultural celebration which runs in parallel with the London Olympic 2012. So, I decided to watch the one in Bengali since I have never watched one before. It was The Tempest- performed by artists from Dhaka Theatre group. This is how I looked yesterday evening when I went to watch and relive Shakespeare.

I have been talking about the colors-Lime green and neon yellow in the past few days. So, I thought to sport one myself and try to make the best use of one of my colored denim-cobalt blue. My lime green chiffon shirt and the slim-fit colored denim are from H&M. I have paired it with this pair of wedges that has a front bow in cobalt blue satin, bought from ZARA during last year’s spring-summer sale.

I always believe in accentuating any look with bits and pieces of accessories. Layered necklaces are such a breath of fresh air in summer. I have a huge collection in various shades and pattern. This one I picked up from a christmas funfare market that I went in the O2 arena, London some about four years ago but they are originally from Portugal. I wore this leafy green layered neckpiece to create a complete  color-block with my lime green shirt and cobalt blue denim. I wanted to tone-down the look by carrying this cute bamboo stick basket clutch that I collected from one of my holiday in Bangkok…some about 6 years ago.

A lime fresh summer evening look can be refreshing when we go light with our make-up. Since the outfit has full of bright, soothing colors, I have just used my Mac minted eye kohl pencil on both lines of my eyes and brushed a bit of Lustre Milan Mode lipstick by Mac itself. If you like this matt, light spring-summer make-up, i will share how to do this in another post.










My silver bangle is from Primark , my multi-coloured ring is from Accessorize and my sunglass is by Rayban

Try this look or the color , if you like it. In this summer, lime-fresh it !!!

Unleash your alter ego with ILLAMASQUA

My fashionistas, here are few pics taken at the Illamasqua flagship store in Beak Street London, ILLAMASQUA first came into market in 2008 and now one of  leading designer cosmetic brands worldwide.

I have to tell you that i am a Mac cosmetics  slave, i have more MAC products on my dressing table than any other brand, but as i know everyone has at least 1/2 things best in them, so i do keep my eyes open and use products from Illamasqua, Dior, Chanel etc and have very unique and specific make-up items from them in my collection.

My first exposure to Illamasqua came with a story i have to share with you all. I was at the selfridges London one evening, wanting to visit MAC store there and this time i wanted to buy a matt finishing very jett black liquid eye liner, which MAC don’t do usually, the one MAC does is a bit shiny( i have that too) and i do not find it appropriate to use it during the day in summer especially at work or if i’m visiting a country like India, Bangladesh, Greece etc where it gets really hot in summer. So not finding at MAC what i was looking for, i headed to Dior showroom, when i explained exactly what i was looking for, this make-up artist gentleman from Dior referred me to Illamasqua store in Selfridges London. I was indifferent and went there, talked to the only lady make-up aritist present there and i tell you she was a genius sales(wo)man and a perfect make-up artist who knows how to make you feel ”yes thats what i want to buy NOW”! I came back home with a happy jett black matt liquid eyeliner. Since then i use their peach blush on and transparent mascara as well.

About 2 months ago i had this appointment booked that i was gifted to me in one of the fashion event i attended recently by Stylistpick and i thought 13th March would be the perfect day to avail the complimentary session i have received as it’s my anniversary 🙂  So i went there after work and they have completely made me walk out with a big happy blue (not the sad one) smile on my eyes and face:)

I was asked what i was wearing for that night before the make-up artist starts her charishma on my face. This is a must! When you do your make-up at home, first ask yourself where you are going and what you are wearing. Your make-up adventure will be depending on these two things primarily.Then she gave me two different colour palette to choose as per my answer to her first question. So i was going to wear a saree(an indian outfit) with black sequins and silver grey water polka dot prints, she had given me options between blue and peach/ purple and pink. I went ahead with the electric blue-peach combination because orange-peach is the colour of the season. I think peachy orange looks great on my lips and blue is a colour i use so often on my eyes, i have different shades of blue eye shadows from MAC and l’oreal in my collection. So i thought blue eyes would create that dreamy effect with my black-silver grey saree. So she started off and the rest is a history with smoothing color playing for 1.5 hours with lots of brushes in different sizes and shapes, from lighter shades to the darkest one.



I have been a fan of Illamasqua in the past and after this complimentary transformation session , i became a fan for lifetime as they rightly claim ”unleash your alter ego”! I did. Do you fancy to do so?

Nude Face-lift Session By Bobbi Brown’s Nude Collection

My fashionistas, I was at the Bobbi Brown Cosmetic in Selfridges London some time ago to attend a complimentary face-lift lesson. During the lesson I have discovered how to plump, brighten, pop, define and finish my look using Bobbi Brown’s stunning brightening Nude collection….all by myself. Thanks to the make-up artist Amy. These are few photos to share with you all to give a glimpse of what all I have learnt and unlearned about make-up, also I have listed the products that were tested on me to get the perfect nude look to go with this spring-summer trend and also I’m sharing with you all few tricks and tips I gathered from the make-up artist at Bobbi Brown.

Nude Face-lift Session By Bobbi Brown's Nude Collection
Nude Face-lift Session By Bobbi Brown’s Nude Collection

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5 Minutes On-The-Go Eye Make-up Tip


My fashionistas, how many of you actually struggle to find time in the morning before going to work/school or simply not in the mood to paint the face immediately after you washed that beautiful face of yours first thing after waking up in the morning? I am sure most of us live in such zone. Almost every other woman going to work/school do their make-up in the train. It’s a great way to save your time in the morning. I would rather give that time preparing a nice healthy breakfast for me. So, yes I’m also one of those who do a quick make-up-on-the-go. And this is the easiest and simplest thing one can do. I can’t do without a nice black kohl pencil. That is most probably the ONE most essential make-up item I have been using since i’m 12 and I will continue using when I will be 82;)

So if I am not in a mood to have a defined eye on some days, I avoid using a liquid eyeliner. I am also the person who prefer to have a tone down eye make-up when I’m heading to Uni or work.  And sometimes when I forget to put the eye shadows in my tiny make-up travel bag that will probably match my outfit, then this is the best life-saving eye make-up tip. How? Okay, so pick up the kohl pencil (definitely a black one) and start drawing from the outer corner towards the centre and then draw from the inner corner and joint them in the centre, make sure you stay on the eye-lashes line and don’t leave too much gap, otherwise even after you put your mascara on, there will still be some white skin showing up and we don’t want that, do we? and then pick up a eye make-up blending brush and start blending the line you already drawn, just softly keep blending from the bottom to the top and you will see this effect on the photo here. To give it a complete look, just apply some nice voluminous mascara.

I use the black kohl pencil from MAC Cosmetics and this particular blending brush no. 224 is the best for eye shadow blending or even kohl blending when in need.

It is easy, simple and still gives you a modest smokey effect on your eyes especially when you are on-the-go!

SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani

My fashionistas, bored with Indo-Western looks? Now it’s time to get traditional and don a look celebrating Bengali New year’s day. On Pohela Baishakh, Bengali women prefer to wear saree, most preferably a white saree with red border. I have worn a Dhakai Jamdani (A must have for all Bengalis) here despite not being a fan of Jamdani saree. This is my very first one and it is a gift. Usually, I would never wear anything (a gift or not) that I do not like completely. I like this red & white combination for traditional festivals like durga puja, baishakhi etc. so, it was the perfect occassion to inaugurate this saree today (half-heartedly because the motif on the body of this Jamdaani saree  wasn’t something I like, I wouldn’t buy it myself- let’s put it this way) as I wanted to wear red & white combination that looks very traditionally Bengali. Wearing new clothes is also a tradition on Pohela Baishakh, fittingly, this Dhakai Jamdani ticked all the boxes.
SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani

Since it was a gift, the blouse came unstitched, naturally. Whoever said whatever happens happens for the best was right, at least in this matter. I can never see myself wearing the blouse piece came with this saree.  So, I picked up an all-over-cut-work blouse that I have in my collection. When buying a cut-work saree from Bangladeshi designer Shabana Ali couple years ago, she was kind enough to give me two blouse pieces so that I can style the saree with both traditionally with sleeves and with a modern twist off-shoulder design. And I knew it instantly that  this cut-work motif blouse with sleeves will be perfect when styled with a traditional white saree with red border on Puja celebrations or on Baishakhi…so here you go!

SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani

I have kept the jewelleries very minimal keeping the color red in check. A pair of jhumka with pearls & polki and a pair of gold bangles with meena art and polki paired with the traditional shakha-pola (white and red bangles) have kept the look traditionally simple yet elegant. I make my own rules and follow self-made customs, I wore this white and red bangles because it completes this look, not because it is a compulsion for Bengali Hindu married women. My gold chain is a gift from my aunt, I have to say it is one of those rare moments when I liked something that someone gifted me;)

SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani

When it comes to make-up, I wanted a very defined eyes with black eye-liner on both the upper and lower lines to give it a look similar to Hindu goddessess. As the eye make-up is loud, I had to go very light on my lips, so I just outlined my lips with a mocha lip-liner and put shimmery lip gloss in it. No lipstick! I have worn a big red vermillion mark on my forehead also known as Bindi and added one tiny diamonte under. This is a very traditional way of wearing Bindi among Bengali Hindus in India.  Washing my hair in the morning has its own charm- it looks naturally fresh and shiny. I didn’t need to style it. Since I have cooked and served a big feast for lunch, so I had to tie my hair to make it kitchen-appropriate, a casual low-loose bun was most convenient and go-to hair-do,  wearing  a golden flower-clip on it added an admirable feminine style.

SareeSutra: Baishakhi Look In Dhakai Jamdani


Dhakai Jamdani Saree  from New Market, Dhaka

Blouse Piece  By Shabana Ali (Blouse design conceptualised by me, stiched by my tailor in Delhi)

Criss-cross Gold Chain (I don’t know from where, remember it’s a gift!)

Gold Bangles and Ear ring from Ratan’s Kolkata, India

Eye-liner By Illamasqua

Kohl Pencil By Mac Cosmetics

Revlon Lip-liner Pencil

Estee Lauder Lip Gloss

Hair Flower From Debenhams, Oxford Street, London

Bindi from  New market, Kolkata, India.



Clinique Bonus time

My fashionistas, i like to believe myself a valued cutomer of Clinique as i started using their products since i’m 15. So, yesterday i went to top-up my 3-step skincare products that i use everyday since i’m 15, and they were giving some freebies with purchase of 2 or more Clinique products, one to be skincare, at selected stores. I returned home with this goodie bag having a black high impact mascara, a mystic shade long last glosswear with SPF and a high impact rouge extreme pink lipstick. Why wouldn’t i be loyal to them, say!!!!
                                                                                                               Photo taken with Instagram
The high Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating.
This long last Glosswear SPF 15 gives you longer wear than traditional lip glosses by helping it stay put for up to 8 hours(as they claim). The richly moisturizing formulation also helps protect lips from the damaging effects of UV exposure.It gives sheer coverage.And can be worn everyday during the day time, most preferably to Uni or at work:)
This ultra-moisturising, high impact Extreme pink long wearing lipstick protects lips with SPF15 sun protection. Lasts up to 8 hours. This just suits every skin tone and gives you a very feminine look. ( i couldn’t take a pic of the Green case:( )
To be honest with you, i don’t like this travel friendly cosmetics bag much that they gave this time as i have some best travel make-up bags/kits in my collection both from Clinique (all as freebies) as well as some other cosmetic brand that i use. But the products inside it are good enough to keep me smiling:)
If you use Clinique, just hurry up to get your goodie bag:)

Memoirs of a wardrobe: Last year’s sale deal

My fashionistas, today I went to an event organized by Starplus TV UK . It was a casual meet and greet event with some celebs visiting from India. I wore my  ZARA top, a New Look cropped neon chinos, a Primark clutch and my favourite sale deal  ZARA  patent leather pointed court shoes in cherry red -all from my last year’s wardrobe. This chinos was everywhere last year, and is here to stay, lots of bloggers in it and they are available in every possible high-street stores and made it in about 7/8 different colours. I saw someone walking around at the clothes show in it too. You have seen me in it before, i am sorry to bore you again;)


My ZARA top and shoes are my great spring-summer SALE DEAL of last year. I love this tiny piece of beauty in my hand-my  faux snake skin clutch with an arm band (which is again en vogue in this season, ZARA have got some wonderful collection of this arm band clutches,go and check it for yourself!). My neon bracelet is from a vintage market in Farringdon (the ones sit during lunch hour) and the oxidized bracelet is from Claire’s. My finger-wide ring is from Dilli Haat, India. As you all know by now that i’m enslaved to MAC cosmetics, so my lipstick and eye make-up are from MAC.


The truth is that i haven’t had the time to go shopping in the past two weeks (a write-up submission due), i mean visiting store in person;) I did some shopping online even in the last weekend. So i thought to make the most use of my wardrobe from last summer;)


Said Enough! Old is gold,ya!!!!

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