Black Desert Rose

My fashionistas, I felt guilty for not blogging in the last 3 weeks but as I promised earlier that I will be back with lots of new Looks that I had donned in my holiday and  during my stay at summer school. So, here I found myself blogging immediately the next day of my arrival in my city-London and do I just tell you the Avatar I’m in now;)-  my Pjs, Lush garlic face mask on and  homemade hair oil all over my hair on this sunday morning while I talk to you through this post:)

I wanted to name this Look ”Black desert rose”…I don’t know why?! The first word uttered from my mouth when I saw these pics is ”Desert rose”-probably because it reminds me of that song by Sting but then I thought to add the word Black  for obvious reason. This is how I looked on my birthday, well this was the evening Look, although you can see sun shining on me, that’s because the sun sets late  during summer in Europe. I was on the Blue Marlin beach Ibiza for the whole day (notice my ,mocha skin tone). That is the disadvantage of having a brown skin, we end up getting burnt when exposed under strong sun of the Mediterranean. Then I returned to my hotel room and got ready for the Dinner. I have talked about ”maximum utilization” of your wardrobe when on holiday. And by that I mean ‘Mix n Match’ your wardrobe and repeat them with different accessories and clothes. I have done the same. I wore a 7 years old net skirt in high-low pattern and team it up with a black bustier from Primark.

This skirt was a present from my then BF who sent it from London to Delhi where I was studying my Masters. I even wore a 7 years old strappy sandal that I picked up from Rajouri Garden market in Delhi, India after I saw a friend of mine wearing the brown colour of the same pair. The only new item of this Look is the neckpiece that I bought from the advanced collection of H&M just before leaving for holiday. I heart this type of accessories. It is posh, it is gaudy and it is classy. I like my evening Look to be classy always, it just goes so well with the atmosphere of the restaurants you will dine in or even if you are hitting a night club. Also, when I talk about utilizing your accessories to the fullest, I also mean my make-up kit. Due to weight restrictions in the Aircraft, I tend to carry only the basic minimum make-up items when I’m travelling. I have used only one eye-pencil to create this eye-do, trust me! This is my STAR eye-pencil from Mac– Minted eye-kohl. I love it to the fullest. I lined both the upper and lower eyeline and then blend it with my blending brush no. 213 from Mac. My lipstick is also one of my favourite from Bobby Brown– orange. I am wearing a sea-green nail paint by H&M. Your meal is not completed without a salad, similarly, this Look would have been lifeless without my boat-shape beaded clutch from Dilli haat, India.

As I was on the beach earlier, my hair was very dry and untidy, thanks to the wind. So, when I returned to the hotel, I hardly had time to wash them once again, so, I thought to make a side-bun that goes so well with the evening Look and took a drop of my partner’s hair-gel  that was kept in the washroom and mix it with few drops of water and surface-touched all over my hair. Voila! You never know when a man’s thing can be handy;) What it does?! It sets the hair perfectly especially if you have too many small, newly grown hair in the front like me. It will give that sun tanned skin a bit of touch of sensuality and matt finishing.

Just so that you all know, all these photos are taken while roaming around the old town in Ibiza before sitting down in a terrace restaurant for a candle-night dinner on my birthday this year (on 9th September) that is facing mountain in one side and Mediterranean sea on the other side. I do not photoshop my photos, I do not thread my eye-brows either. If you like this Look, drop me a line at the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say. I also would like to hear if you ever create a Look with your very old wardrobe that you have almost dumped  and never plan to wear again just like I did in this Look:)

Michael Kors Customer Experience

My fashionistas, so I am a proud and happiest owner of a Michael Kors  mid-Size Rose Golden Stainless Steel Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch that I had set my eyes on for the last 6 months. Last month, when I was in NYC, I had been to the biggest retailer- Macy’s .They were offering 10% discounts to the international visitors but I didn’t find the one I wanted there. Then I hade been to 5th Avenue flagship store and yes within 15 minutes, I came back with my tiny tote of shopagasm;) They were having SALE on some selected shoes, bags, accessories, watches and even some clothes. But as usual I never like stuff on SALE. Even on the biggest SALE day in London-boxing day, I come home with the most expensive dress in the store I go to:( That’s me!! Choice and quality are always the priority when shopping.One thing I must say, living in London, earning in GBP makes you feel rich when you shop and pay in US Dollars but why the hell they don’t have tax rebate for the International visitors??? We do in the UK…especially all commonwealth nationals can get the VAT back at the airport on their departure for every single goods purchased during their stay/trip. I must say I paid a hefty tax on my purchase of a designer watch and I’m certainly not satisfied about this silly rules. By the way, the customer service received there are one of th ebest in the world. The salesman who attended me greeted me at the entrance, asked my name and addressed me by my first name all throughout our deal, he then went on to offer me a drink at the store, I asked for plain water, he came back with a bottle of water of Michale Kors brand itself. This is what i customer service of world class. ‘Asking name and addressing with name’ is something I experienced at the Apple Store Regent St, London. I was highly satisfied. I have to tell you that since I do shop a lot and from various places, customer service really matters to me, I do not buy from a place where I’m not treated well. I have seen Desi (Designers hailing from Indian sub-continent) designers throwing all tantrums after they get the payment, they simply forget that I’m buying something from them and they think they are doing some favour to me. I learnt and never bought from that designer.

I have also added few pictures that I had taken there with my humble iphone while waiting for my watch’s chain to be fixed to fit my wrist size. I love their bag and wallet collection immensely. I am also a big fan of this colour combination they had kept as their visual merchandising for that particular day. My next big plan is to own a wallet and a big hand bag that I can carry to University and work:)

Try it, Michael Kors it!

I love the boxes they come in-Brown leather box with a pillow of  velvet to rest your Rose Gold beauty well:)

Sundress on Sunday …on the edge of a Canal in Little Venice!

My fashionistas, here is a look I donned in a quintessential sundress on last sunday when the temperature in London town soared as high as 31 degree C.

Dress: Vinatge Boutique in spitafields1 market, London| Bag: Primark |  Hair accessory: Claire’s | Shoes: Vintage Boutique spitafields1 market| Bracelet:Louise Roe collection | Meke-up: Illamasqua red lipstick | Nail paint: Barry M mint green (available in all Boots stores) | Sunglasses: Ray-ban brown

I had been longing to don a Sundress since it’s ”officially summer” here but how can i sport a sundress without the Sun being out shining. This year’s sundress shape is the wonderfully forgiving 1950s silhouette. And I found a chance in the last sunday (when I got burnt in the 31 degree C, very evident in my photos…the MOCHA ME).It is first time ever in my last 4 year’s stay in London that I saw the temperature crossing 30 C. Better late than never…as they say;D Loved the broderie anglaise lace work on my dress, it is so romantic and the bow brown belt made it even more dramatic and so ”girly”:) You must have seen this lace dresses in so many high street stores already. I was so choosy and had to pick this one after a long search and trying on many.

It was HOT, so the hair has to be tied, I have made a side-saddle and added this feather chain hair clip that I have in my wide and varied collection of hair accessories. I love the pop-up of colours on this cream Sundress. Such a breath of fresh air! I loved the shape of my red messenger bag. It barely has space for my iphone and a Mac studio fix mirror but I just find it a perfect fashionista accessory:) I have not worn this pair of polka dot wedges for ages. This is probably my 2nd time of wearing this. They are not very comfortable to walk in but as you know I can bear the pain if i have to…all for fashion;D

I can’t think of putting too much make up in such weather, therefore, I went bright on lips and kept everything tonned down. My bracelet is a freebie I received from the International Stylist Louise Roe when I attended one of her fashion talk in London earlier this year. The beige colour and the golden studs are so posh and classy that I can simply wear this piece of accessory with any outfit. I was teased by a friend how do I get time to change my nail-paint every week, I just say ” I DO”;) And FYI I cook everyday and manage to keep them maintained:) As they say you prioritize and make your to-do list to avoid ”mouring over lack of time”. This was one of the pastel shade I picked up for this summer. I heart  it:)

Having taken inspiration from the dresses Jonathan Saunders and Louis Vuitton showed in their catwalk shows, I have tried this Look with the quintessential summer-Sundress. Try it if you like it, share what you think, I like to hear what you have to say:)

Union Jack Colors + Peter Pan Collar= A Tribute to Great Britain

My fashionistas, So the London 2012 Olympic Games has come to an end and while I am writing this blog I’m watching the Closing Ceremony that is celebrating the amazing sporting feats of the athletes who have taken part in the Games with the ultimate aftershow party. I decided to sport a look featuring all the colours of Union Jack to show my support and felicitaion to team Great Britain for their outstanding performance at the Olympics 2012 held in homeground. Here is the look I donned today when I was out and about to explore the city I live in, the city I have started loving-London, on the occassion of the final day of the Olympics 2012.

I am wearing a peter pan collar blouse in red. Peter pan collar is kinda passé now but  I had been thinking of sporting them to show you all for quite some time. I love the high school look it gives. Yes, you can argue that you don’t go to school any more, so why wear something teenage-ish?! Yes, I still go to school;D Going to university and work give me the same feeling, you see;) So, my this weekend’s shopping basket included two blouses and one dress with peter pan collar. You will see the other two soon-ish. This red blouse with white peter pan collar is from the advance collection of Primark , I loved the tiny gold chain connected to collar on both sides, quite similar to what we have seen on the ramp for the Autumn-winter collection this year. My black mini skirt has a history.It was tailored in Delhi for one of the many part-time jobs I did when I was an Undergraduate student there, this was in  Auto expo-one of the largest car show held in Pragati Maiden, New Delhi in India. The skirt was made in cobalt blue along with a blazer in the same shade. I had dyed the skirt and the blazer into black after my job contract was over. It’s been 8/9 years now, it looks new and I still wear it:) My cobalt blue messenger bag is from Zara ‘s last year’s summer collection, they had it in green this year as well.My net opaque tights and black ballerina are  from Marks & Spencer. As i said, I wanted to sport all three colours of Union Jack, therefore I donned a pearl bracelet and a pearl top in the ear from Topshop to match my white peter pan collar and keep the white part of Union Jack flag prominent. I am wearing my semi-cats-eye vintage sunglasses that I picked up from NYC. And I never forget to wear a smile with every Look I try:)

Try it, peter pan it, if you like the Look, drop me a line in the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say:)

That Woman in Yellow Wedges

My fashionistas, ”NYC: Tolerant of your bellies, judgemental of your shoes”…

This was written on a hoarding in NYC, simply loved it!  It goes without saying that I’m an official shoe junkie. Here is a LOOK I sported wearing my newest pair of shoes that I picked up from my most recent trip to New York City, earlier this month.

I have clicked this photo while taking a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge
I have clicked this photo while taking a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

Some of you who follow this Blog’s page on Facebook, know that I shared a photo of this pair of Wedges from the store while trying on to know your thoughts instantly. The response  was 50-50, mixed of both positives and negatives. I still went ahead as I believe in my first ‘reaction and reflection’ in the mirror. Some said it would be ‘tricky’ to style it, some said ‘not too many people can carry it off ‘. I didn’t think so. I can style this pair with at least 5 Looks that I have in my mind already. Here is one of that I donned  last sunday to an Olympic games I went to watch LIVE.

This long tulle swiss dot skirt was a good deal from ZARA sale, styled with this black chiffon blouse featuring  lace work on the shoulder and at the back is from Primark‘s advance collection. My black envelope clutch with a gold chain handle was so apt with the outfit that I  thought it was just made for this Look, it is also from the latest advance collection of Primark. And there I team it up with my latest buy- yellow pair of wedges that I picked from Strawberry in NYC. What I like most about this pair is that It’s super comfy to walk in, (although it doesn’t look like) and the long gray patch at the back makes it even more desirable. This large black diamonte studded rose ring is from Accessorize.  My nails are colored with aqua green shade by H&M. I wanted a very girly hair with this Look, so went ahead with centre french braid and tuck a tiny peacock feather hair clip that I got ages ago from Accessorize. Nothing closes the deal better than a dash of red lipstick, right! I had been loving this ruby red lipstick by Illamasqua  for quite some time now. My half-cat eye sunglasses are from a vintage boutique in NYC.

Don’t shy away from yellow shoes.

Mullet Hems

My fashionistas, it’s high time I share with you all about another latest trend of this season- Mullet Hem. Yes, we are trending some ”crazy” fashion in this summer. They are also called  high-low trend since they are short from the front and long at the back. I have donned a mullet hem skirt in my recent trip to USA. High-street stores are flooded with them at the moment. They can be worn both centre and side-ways.This trend reminds me of the V-cut hair style in the early 90’s. Embrace the silliness of this trend in this season. I did. Here is a preview of the mullet hem Look I donned.

It was 4th July, the Independence Day of USA. I had gone out with a bunch of delegates whom I met at the conference I was attending in Philadelphia. So, I am sharing a photo with you all which was taken at the Liberty Bell in the Liberty hall in Philly.

My mullet hem skirt is from Forever21, I simply loved this girly fuschia pink, the skirt is very dramatic pleated  one with an attached slick pink belt. My bustier is from Primark, I have them in all possible colours. I thought to team up the purple one with this fuschia pink skirt. I didn’t want the shoulder to be completely naked, so I added a bit of glamour by tying a long scarf around my neck, in the same shade as the bustier. I am an official addict of animal/leopard  prints. I love this  soft, fine piece of animal print scarf from my  humongous collection. Since it was an evening out on the 4th July that warns miles of walking around the city, so instead of wearing a heel, I had to go for a stylish ballerina in two tones. This pair of  pretty pump I picked from an independent store in Wembley high street. Very comfy for my feet and for my pocket:)

For an evening Look, I went for loud eye make-up and matched my eye shadows with my dress, as you all know by now that most of my eye shadows are from Mac and here is no exception. My accessory is a long beaded neck piece which i have worn as a bracelet. I had to tie my hair into a top bun as it was one of the hottest day in this summer in USA. Hair UP means tattoos can be shown too;)

I will  share the Look of how to sport a Mullet hem centre wise, soon-ish!

Try a Mullet hem in this season if you like the trend, share with me how you did it on our Facebook page. Drop me a line in the comment section, I like to hear what you have to say:)

Crochet-ed, not Crusade!

My fashionistas, have you done anything interesting to remember over this weekend? I did. I went to see the Olympic torch relay today in Bricklane/ Spitafields market area in London, So, I thought to share the casual day-out Look I donned today.

I have worn an old poncho in crochet which I bought from Primark some about 3 years ago. I love crochet and broderie anglaise work. This broad deep neck of the poncho is simply stylish as it gives you the scope to wear a sexy halter neck inside, I wore a black one from Nike  and team it up with my Zara black skinny tights. I have worn my tricolour vamp shoe with heel from Zara and carried my scarlet red bin bag from the same brand. My snake look alike bracelet is a piece I collected from nowhere but Spitafields 1 market itself. I didn’t have the time to wash my hair this morning, so I wore a head band to cover up the slightly oilyness of my hair;) This leopard print hair band is from Claire’s.A pair of smokey eyes and a dash of lip gloss just added to the casual day-out look:)

Once the torch relay is over, I decided to roam around in the area and browse through few shops and stalls at the vintage Spitafields1 market. I had a friend who lives just right round the corner, knowing me he took me to this AWESOMEST independent vintage boutique called Dolly Dare. I was speechless. I was dumbfounded. I was in a fashion heaven. Their collection is unique, they are simple yet complex to carry off. They are retro and perfect to add the drama.Well… the shoe collection there is over the top, girly and very hot to trot. As a confirmed shoe addict I love the way their collections are displayed, yes for me it is like being in a sweet shop!

Although the blog is about fashion and only fashion but I am sharing a photo of the torch bearer with you all who do not live in London and still following Olympics 2012.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Try the look and the store about which I had to say so much, if you like it, share it with me, remember, I like to hear what you have to say!!!

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