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Summer Airport Style

Summer holidays are a highlight of your year. Why not talk about summer travel style, and all the pieces I like to wear when I am on the go! To start it off, I am starting with the ‘airport look’, my go-to warm weather  travel ensemble. Yes, airport looks are a reality now and let’s face it! People at the airports and everywhere who don’t know you personally judge you for what you wear and how you behave in public. Since we can’t fix the latter, let’s discuss how we travel comfortably keeping the style quotient right in place.

Summer Airport Style
Summer Airport Style

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Krakow Lookbook:Summer Charm

You simply cannot visit Poland without immersing yourself in Krakow. It’s against the law! If not, it should be! Distinctly, if you have a flair for history and culture. To validate my point, I urge you to click here and read all about our Krakow travel experience.

Krakow Lookbook: Summer Charm

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