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Casual Spring Wear: Chunky Sweaters & Boyfriend Jeans

No time for casual fling dear, only interested in casual spring wear instead. No time for boyfriends anymore but happy to don a Boyfriend Jeans – by all means.

Casual Spring Wear: Chunky Sweaters & Boyfriend Jeans
Casual Spring Wear: Chunky Sweaters & Boyfriend Jeans

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Spring Trends: Fluorescent red & Polka Dot

It was Saturday and there was no reason to stay at home when the Sun was shining in London town, although the weather in the UK is still behaving like a toddler- you never know what to expect next hour. Spring is sneak-peeking in London, finally! Beautographer and I  went to brunch after long and strolled through the streets of central London and oh! a bit of sunshine swing for me (sunshine does that to me!). I think my outfit choice for this day-date reflected the relaxed energy that radiates throughout the chilly spring day of  a Londoner’s weekend.

Spring Trends: Fluorescent red & Polka Dot
Spring Trends: Fluorescent red & Polka Dot

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Spring Look: Petal Head Playsuit

My fashionsitas, we may still be in the deepest throes of winter in this part of the world, but the fashion world and many of you living in tropical weather have already moved into spring/summer. So in the spirit of embracing the new fashion season, it’s time to cast off the winter coats (metaphorically only…it’s obviously still freezing in London and New York) and embrace the looks that will be emerging over the next six months. Nothing says spring like a bunch of flowers. So whether you are into giant orchids or romantic roses, designers like Alexander McQueen has them on handbags, Nicholas Kirkwood on flats and I have them on my playsuit. I sported this look in my very first springtime experience in Peru.

Petal Head Playsuit
I’d like to thank the wind for my hair’s homeless moment today

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Hippy Chic Ways to Sport Palazzo Pants

My fashionistas,  ‘’What goes around comes around’’- goes without saying fits best for fashion industry. I always get excited when I try a new trend! You saw me wearing a wide-legged trouser during my trip to Buenos Aires here. Although Palazzo pants are referred as wide-legged trousers by many but I personally see a huge difference; to me a full-on flared palazzo pants have a vintage-esque bell-bottom cut. In the 1940’s and then again in the 1970’s Palazzo pants were a la mode. It was also in the 60’s and 70’s, the hippies were the talk of the town. So, I decided to style this palazzo pant focusing on the trend of that era and showed how to style hippy versions of this.

Hippy Chic ways to Sport Palazzo Pants

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Trans- seasonal: Dressing A Black Bandeau Maxi

My fashionistas, a black maxi is a wardrobe essential for every woman, regardless of size or shape. Therefore, it is almost impossible to leave your home for a holiday without this most iconic piece of clothing- be it Summer or Spring or those seasons of transitions. I have donned this look in my most recent holiday in Argentina. It is supposed to be Spring time there now. Spring in the UK is moderately cold-ish at night and mostly sunny and  pleasant during the day. So, getting to wear cheerful and colorful clothes in Spring time is my favorite way of celebrating the season. This year, I got to sport Spring fashion twice- one in the UK in March-April and just couple weeks ago again in Argentina. The moment we put our foot in Buenos Aires, I saw everyone wearing layers of (black) winter clothes and also if I’m allowed to categorize- very boring ones. If you had read my last post before leaving for South America here, you know that this Asos tall bandeau maxi dress was in my suitcase on its way to Argentina. And if you had read the very first post on South America under the category of  Voyage, you know as well that La Boca was my first itinerary in Buenos Aires. For a day-out, I opted for a black maxi dress knowing this will bring the neutrality against the rainbow colored houses in La Boca area of Buenos Aires, similarly at night, even when there is a chill in the early Spring-air of Buenos Aires, I would like to have a great, comfortable flowy maxi dress layered with a blanket sized woolen kimono. A black maxi dress, hence, is my go-to outfit when on holiday.The colour is slimming (and if you have kids, it hides stains from little Vegemite fingers). A good cut black maxi dress will smooth over and disguise any lumps and bumps. It’s super versatile, with the ability to be dressed up or down with a few simple accessories. And it’ll hide your legs if you’ve not had time to shave! 

Asos Tall Bandeau Black Maxi Dress
Asos Tall Bandeau Black Maxi Dress

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A Wake-up Call From The Depths Of A Winter Wardrobe Slumber

My fashionistas, are you already bored with your winter clothes? Winter makes me lazy, hence, less productive. As much as I love and appreciate the benefits of cashmere scarves, woolly tights, and cosy turtlenecks, but after months of wearing them all the time I long something light to wear. So, I thought to share this Look I tried for a work-cum-holiday  trip to Baltic States (in 2011). Wearing the right layers of clothes and still manage to look a fashionista is tricky during winter-to-spring transition. When people in many countries around the world are trying to fix their air-condition for the coming summer, I have seen heavy snow in Lithuania in the end of March. As clearly evident in these photos that it was still very cold and wet in some parts of Lithuania and not many people in the popular tourist places.

A wake-up call from the depths of a winter wardrobe slumber Fashion industry experts insist that orange or purple is the black of this season. I am not sure whether to call this color tangerine or orange. I even asked this question on the Facebook page here. The closest option I can think of is rust- mix the colors red, yellow and orange little by little until the desired rust. When bathed in the sun light, Trakai Castle looks ravishing in this dusty rust color, like most of the neoclassical buildings. Noteworthy that my look of the day blended in with the Castle in the background. Well, I went prepared;) Continue reading A Wake-up Call From The Depths Of A Winter Wardrobe Slumber