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Portugal Please! Day 5: Tasting Porto in Porto

One cannot leave Porto without tasting Porto, the famous port wine which borrowed its name from the city itself. Our activities in day 1 in Porto involved a lot of walking all day long while we discovered the old school charm of the historic core. You can read more about that here incase you already haven’t done so. For the 2nd and final day in Porto, we saved the best for the last. Like a passionate kiss before bidding goodbye to a lover, we drenched our lips with five types of Porto before saying ‘tchau’ to Porto.

 Portugal Please! Day 5: Tasting Porto in Porto

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Under the floral spell

While you may claim insurance if your flight is delayed, you may not be entitled to claim compensation for late arrival of summer this year in London. Weather here is mercurial resulting in celebratory behaviour among the city dwellers in the first sight of sunshine and the first feel of proper balmy air. So was it the other weekend and we ventured out in the Regents Park to witness the first day first show of the supposedly short film in London called ‘Summer’.

Under the floral spell

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Warm-up to White

As you probably know we set off for a new destination in every quarter year, which has been amazing but for now I’m really happy to be back at home for the next few weeks to catch up on work and preparation for our next voyage. We have a lot to get done here, plus we have to prepare for the upcoming festivals and London India Fashion Week which promises to be very busy. But before I share more on that, here’s one of my looks from our last voyage in Russia.

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Trans- seasonal: Dressing A Black Bandeau Maxi

My fashionistas, a black maxi is a wardrobe essential for every woman, regardless of size or shape. Therefore, it is almost impossible to leave your home for a holiday without this most iconic piece of clothing- be it Summer or Spring or those seasons of transitions. I have donned this look in my most recent holiday in Argentina. It is supposed to be Spring time there now. Spring in the UK is moderately cold-ish at night and mostly sunny and  pleasant during the day. So, getting to wear cheerful and colorful clothes in Spring time is my favorite way of celebrating the season. This year, I got to sport Spring fashion twice- one in the UK in March-April and just couple weeks ago again in Argentina. The moment we put our foot in Buenos Aires, I saw everyone wearing layers of (black) winter clothes and also if I’m allowed to categorize- very boring ones. If you had read my last post before leaving for South America here, you know that this Asos tall bandeau maxi dress was in my suitcase on its way to Argentina. And if you had read the very first post on South America under the category of  Voyage, you know as well that La Boca was my first itinerary in Buenos Aires. For a day-out, I opted for a black maxi dress knowing this will bring the neutrality against the rainbow colored houses in La Boca area of Buenos Aires, similarly at night, even when there is a chill in the early Spring-air of Buenos Aires, I would like to have a great, comfortable flowy maxi dress layered with a blanket sized woolen kimono. A black maxi dress, hence, is my go-to outfit when on holiday.The colour is slimming (and if you have kids, it hides stains from little Vegemite fingers). A good cut black maxi dress will smooth over and disguise any lumps and bumps. It’s super versatile, with the ability to be dressed up or down with a few simple accessories. And it’ll hide your legs if you’ve not had time to shave! 

Asos Tall Bandeau Black Maxi Dress
Asos Tall Bandeau Black Maxi Dress

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Summer Boots


My fashionistas,  if you are sceptical about the boot as a high-summer option then think of it as an alternative on a day of sunny intervals. I have donned this look on one such day of London summer.  To make a pair of boots work for summer, you need a gap. A vertical slice of visible skin, from knee-ish to lower-thigh–ish- is what  London summer fashion is all about. So, find a summer dress with the perfect gap to suit your knee-length boots and make it a style statement replacing summer cropped-trouser-and-ankle-strappy-sandals look.

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